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Welcome to Elsewhere: One Tree Hill, Fanfiction and My Stories

Well hello there. Thank you for coming. If you found this page you probably followed the link from one of my stories at RC. If not, here’s a little information on me that pertains to this journal. 

I'm Mara and I am one of three administrators/owners at a One Tree Hill fanfiction site called The Rivercourt, or The RC for short. I write my own fanfiction and that's mainly why I'm starting this journal. I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to share with my readers what stories I'm currently working on, what updates are coming, and what I'm starting anew. Because I enjoy writing so much though, and I equally enjoy the show One Tree Hill, I'm going to use this journal to be about that too. So I'll be posting my feelings on the show from time to time and I'll be talking about fanfiction in general also. 

One Tree Hill Discussion:
For the most part I thoroughly enjoy watching One Tree Hill. I like how when I think I know what's going to happen...the show surprises me, and I like many of the continuing storylines that show the good and bad in people, all aspects. Also I think the show has actors that convey well the emotion they need to for their parts. My favorites to watch are Nathan and Haley, Nathan by himself, and the brothers. I enjoy the adults too though immensely, namely Dan and Karen, and for the most part I enjoy the show overall. So once in a while I might be putting up my comments on it and if that starts up a LJ discussion, great! I love discussing. I'll just require a few things. Let's keep it polite. In fact let that be the golden rule here. 

GOLDEN RULE: politeness 

It helps the atmosphere be zen, and I'd like that to be the way things stay here, zen, calm, peaceful. We can discuss the characters, the show direction, but try to keep it mostly on the positive, or constructive criticism is fine too. I'm a tutor/teacher and I like to stay as positive as possible, positive reinforcement my motto, lol. Constructive criticism in that situation is also needed though and I feel it works best like this: comment on the action, not the person. Saying that a character is ugly is very different than saying they did something that felt very ugly. The first comment is more personal and not constructive. (Lol...sorry if I sound like I'm giving rules, but I'm so used to running a board...just remember the golden rule and all will be fine). 

A few more things that I'd like personally for this journal. Let's keep our comments mostly about the characters, not the actors, except for public events etc. Discussing that James is a charitable person, fine, that's what he shows in public. Discussing who he's going out with, no. That's his personal life and I want to stay away from that for my journal. Let’s jut keep it to about the show and the public part, not the private. That's their business. I respect that because I'm a private person myself. 

Also I'm very open about the couple situation, especially in fanfiction. Even though I feel strongly about NH as a couple on the show I can honestly say I am open to alternate pairings in fanfiction. For me, I support writing as long as it's done well, is emotionally stimulating, and the characters for the most part are rounded and dynamic. I enjoy family stories, friendship stories, ones about all the OTH characters, and couple stories too. And that brings me to discussing fanfiction... 

Fanfiction Discussion:
I love writing. It's a wonderful outlet of creativity. I love sharing that with other writers, and readers. So, I'll be posting sometimes my feelings on writing in general, including sharing tips and talking about things like analyzing characters and making them real. I might share about a few favorite stories, new exciting ones, and maybe even suggest a site related to fanfiction. It’s just something I really enjoy talking about. So if you do too I hope you’ll comment and join in on the fanfiction discussion. 

My Stories:
Okay that's the main reason I want this journal. A while ago a friend and fantastic writer even asked me if I had ever thought of having one and it made me think. It would be nice to have a place to let readers know what’s happening with my stories and what’s to come. Because I tend to be wordy in my fic explanations sometimes I thought it would be nice to have this place instead of where I post my stories, to talk about what’s going on with my fics, what’s to come, why I chose to write something a certain way, etc. It seemed a good place for it and so here we go. Here's what I'm focusing on lately, what's on a temporary hiatus, what I've completed, and what’s coming. 

Currently working on: 

When Two Worlds Collide
(One Tree Hill story dealing with all the characters, mostly equal time for the adults and teens, main focus is Nathan and Deb, their mother son relationship as well as about them as individuals, this one's angsty and hopefully one of my more realistic drama stories, can be found in the general fanfiction section at RC, has two magnificently dramatic banners made by Charli

(Nathan and Haley adventure story with Lucas and Brooke having supporting parts, AU, takes place in the future, Nathan and Haley meet for the first time and start an adventure they never could have guessed they would find themselves having, can be found in the NH fanfiction section at RC, this is an NH fic exchange idea from Charli, has a stimulating and just captivating banner made by Ally) 

The Locket
(AU story about Nathan and Haley meeting as children, takes place in the 1800's and includes two original characters with important links to the past, can be found in the NH fanfiction section at RC, this is an NH fic exchange idea from Janet, has a beautiful historical feeling banner made by Ally

On Hiatus:

Report 23
(wacky story taking place sometime during Nathan and Haley's first year of marriage, about a road trip they take with Lucas that is quite silly and wild) 

I Thee Wed
(my take on NH's first wedding, has a romantic dreamy feeling banner made by Bekah

Flirtations 101
(An AU college story about Nathan, Haley, Lucas, Brooke, Jake, and Peyton meeting for the first time while at a fictional college in Santa Monica California, includes a teacher style introduction, lol) 

Some scene extenders (one parters and a few two parters) that can be found at The Rivercourt and They Can Watch (wonderful NH fanfiction and video site), and some multiple part stories that can be found in both places. I've written for one other show before also, Days of our Lives, Philip and Mimi AU pairing there so if you're interested in that I can give some links to where you can find those stories. I'll just leave it at that for now. If you need a link or want to know more about these stories just let me know. 

Coming up:
A multiple parter that is over halfway done, coming June 7th, entitled: -Plus&Minus+, planned to be updated every second Wednesday this summer, will be in the NH fanfiction section at RC 

Okay, there we go. So get your favorite refreshment, find a nice relaxing place to kick up your feet and let's all be zen, lol. Truthfully, I want this to be a nice calming peaceful place. We strive for that at RC and I'd like it to be that way here. 

A few last things:
Obviously this is a very simple journal, first time I've done this so if you want to help me spruce it up or give me tips on how the whole LJ thing works feel free to do so. I mostly do want to keep it simple, but maybe a little customizing doesn't hurt, lol, and I’m still learning about how this all works. Also, I probably won't be updating this every day. I'll try to update regularly, but we'll see. This mainly is about giving information on my stories, but the fanfiction discussion and show discussion I hope will be a nice plus. 

And to the artists out there: You amaze me with your banners, icons and videos (even though I can't watch many of those with dial up). You are just so fantastic in my opinion for sharing your art about OTH if you'd like to comment and put up a post of your lovely artwork concerning OTH please feel more than free to do so. I always appreciate seeing that. 

And speaking of art, for me finding the background for this LJ was very exciting and I'm so happy with it.  After putting all this together I searched the net for backgrounds and after a fruitless search where I was confused in how to even use the backgrounds, I found this site: MusesRealm and I was shocked to find a background that went so well with the colors I had chosen for this LJ.  It was like it was meant to be!  Plus the website is so nice, the owner gives such polite help and instructions in how to get the backgrounds and layouts.  You can find all kinds of graphics there and a world of other stuff.  Caroline is very talented and very nice!  So if you can take the time to click on the link on top where it says MusesRealm, please do so.  Lovely artwork over there by a very polite and helpful webmaster.

Oh and don't worry...this will probably be my longest post. I just believe in getting things out in the open right comes from being a board administrator I think. You live and learn, lol.

Thanks for coming to Elsewhere 

If you'd like to comment just click below on the 'share your thoughts' link and go ahead and share your thoughts on Elsewhere or anything related to it and this post. 

Mara (insert smiley

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