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Merlin Fic: Dirty Nitty Gritty Things...

Just a recently posted Merlin fic related to ep. 4.04. //Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Hugs! (Sorry if this is cross posted a bit!)

Title: The Dirty Nitty Gritty Things that will Never Happen in Camelot/ AKA: Gwen’s response for ep. 4.04 (Ficlet, a bit less than 2,000 words)
Spoilers: spoilers for Ep. 4.04. Please be warned if you haven’t seen the ep.
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Guinevere, Arthur’s pants (lol)
Author’s Note: This is especially for all of you who have so kindly responded to my stories lately! I feel like I’m a developing a real cool readership. Thanks and hugs! And: This is a little tongue in cheek so be ready for some wry humor in between the innuendo.

Take them off…

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