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Hi, I'm so sorry for being absent a lot and not responding much to friend posts!  I probably have the same old excuse (work, more RL, fic writing), but I am reading all your posts even if I don't reply.  So I just wanted those on my Flist to know that.  Feel free to unfriend me anytime if that bothers you.  Thanks and hugs!

Onto fic updates. I just posted y first Arthur/ Merlin piece (friendship).  It's a tag/filler to ep. 4.02 and it's here: Merlin, idiot brave Merlin

Also last weekend, never said about it here, I posted the last part to Queen of Hearts.  You can find it at my fic journal.  Just ask if you need the link.

I'll be working on auction fics this weekend.  Hope you're all having a great one!  It's a lovely day here, going to head outside later and enjoy it!

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new story (Merlin) at my writer's lj

I started a new Merlin story, three parts, but fully done/edited.  Part I is at my writer's journal if you're interested.  It has Arthur/Guinevere, but mostly centered around Guinevere.  Hope you enjoy and hope everyone's  doing well.  Work is going along nicely.   Just a bit tired and happy for the weekend. Hugs!

Queen of Hearts

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all we need is

911, hugs around...

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.
The words of 'Taps'

I just wanted to post remembrance of all the heroes of that day and beyond.  Support to the families who lost loved ones.  And...well I'll always remember getting up for work and being stunned by what I was seeing on my tv.  The eeriness of not a single plane going over my head for a week when I usually saw one every day.  Hugs to everyone.  We go on always and we remember always.
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Well at least I can post a story link, no problem: new Merlin story

Hi, hope everyone's well.  I'm slightly annoyed with LJ right now, but otherwise all is well here.  Enjoying the three day weekend.  Sorry for not being around so much.  I'm trying to get caught up.  Hugs around.

And now,

A story for the wonderful (and very witty) rubber_glue for the help_japan auction that she so kindly donated to and well because she's awesome too!!  This is part one, more to come.  Hope you enjoy it Piper.  I have to tell you, this story really helped me find my writing voice again.  It's a joy to be writing it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm having fun putting it together.  And thank your for your patience!


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How the heck are we supposed to post stories now?

Okay, seems livejournal during my absence has changed the whole format for using rich text editor and now when i post a story it comes up with complete boldface.  If It try to edit, the cut goes away.  WTF  Yeah, yeah, I'm mad.  I have no way to fix this, except use HTML which I'm not really good in and I have issues at my fic journal which make using HTML even harder.  I guess I could post my story here too.  Grrr.  Why did LJ totally change it in the first place?  It was fine.  Now when I post I have to triple space to get paragraphs and I can't edit it after I post because there goes the cut.  Gone.

This is ridiculous.  i saw a lot of people complaining about it.  LJ better figure something out or I might have to start posting my stories on a board.  I can't take bad formatting like this.  grrr.  So angry about this right now.
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taxi kitty

Hope all is well...

My east coast friends, hope you're doing well.  Good safe thoughts for all of you.  I keep thinking too of OTH as they film in North Carolina.  Anyway, east coasters stay safe and I hope you don't have any of the power issues either. <3

That was my main reason to post.  School year is about to start.  I'm happy mostly.  Just I'll miss summer too! 

Hope to be back with Merlin story updates soon.  Been writing quite a bit.  But so perplexed by the back history of Ygraine, Uther, Vivianne and Gorlois for one of them.  Yes I know we're possibly supposed to believe that Morgause is sisters with Morgana and the daughter of Vivianne and Goloris, but to me it's not that simple.  Too many holes.  AH, there are so many possible stories, they're making my head spin!!

Ah, it's warm here, but nice.  hugs!

Okay, and been wanting to use this icon, HA, love cats!
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Three Extended Stories from the AG_fics challenge...

Hi, everyone, after dealing with an Internet Explorer update nearly driving me nuts...yes I still use it.  Can't get used to Firefox.  Anyway I'm back with three fic updates, actually from the ag_fics  MC3 challenge, extended version of three of my fics for it.

Here are the links:

Up The Business Ladder  Prompt: "Step into my office, Baby"

Wish Upon The Stars  Prompt: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Finally Prompt: "Hunting for Witches"

If you read, hope you enjoy.  I had a lot of fun with the prompts for these!

I have more writing updates coming soon and because I don't want to flood the other LJ's with information about them, I'll be posting the links here first.  Thanks, hope everyone's doing well, hugs around!

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