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1 August
Hi, I'm Mara. I enjoy writing fanfiction currently about the shows One Tree Hill and Merlin. MY OTH fics are especially about Nathan/Haley and the Nathan Lucas brother angle. For Merlin, I like writing stories that deal mainly with Arthur, Guinevere(Gwen), Merlin, Morgause, Freya and the history of Igraine and Uther. I am one of three administrators of a fanfiction/discussion site called The Rivercourt for One Tree Hill fanfic.

Elsewhere is mainly about my enjoyment of Fanfiction and my favorite shows etc...

My journal is public for fanfiction related and show related posts. It is friends only for anything about RL and such. If you want to friend me, please let me know first. I'd just like to make sure who is reading my RL posts and such and that way we can get to know each other. Once again, my fanfic related posts are open to all and so are most of my show posts.

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