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Help, help...anyone know about planes?

I'm going to start working on Captivated again as soon as I'm done with My Hait Merlini fics and I thought I'd post this now so if someone has answers they can help me out

Small charter planes, like the one in Captivated, do they have voice recorders and/or that basic black box that records the plane controls, what is happening in the cockpit, etc?  I've read that small private planes maybe have the voice recorder, but not the one that monitors everything.  But this one would have not necessarily been private because it was a charter service.  So I'm wondering if because it was a small charter plane, would it have both boxes, would it have one, or would it have none?

I have researched this a lot, but there's no strong confirmation, because some small plane crash reports, and general information in the black box says both.  Some have it and some don't.  But I was hoping to get the advice from someone who really knows about small planes.

If anyone on my F list or just reading this knows, can you please inform me?  It would help so much with writing this next chapter because it really can alter how the story is told.