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New story (one parter) fanfic rec.


I just wanted to let you guys know I've written a new story.  It's for the dareyouto_write community.  If you ready my story Two of us (Lucas Nathan brother story) it's in that similar vein.  But this time it's not about the brothers, it's about NH's life, so it goes from past to future.  Anyway, it's linked over at the dare you to write community because it's so long.  It's linked to RC with the permission of Diane and Brynne, who I want to thank for being so helpful in getting the story up.  So here's the link to the community, gives an explanation and then links you to the actual story: http://community.livejournal.com/dareyouto_write/

Also one quick fic rec: In The Waiting by Shannon, stasha822.  It's an AU one she's just starting and I highly recommend it because it starts with a lot of fun and...Shannon just amazes me at how well she writes, particularly her description and her characterization of Haley.  She's a big inspiration and so I hope you check out her story that you can find at RC here: http://www.therivercourt.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3583&start=0

Okay heading out now on a hot one...grrr.  I like fall weather, lol.  Have a great day!